4 Reasons to Join Nintendo’s Family Online Membership

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*Nintendo provided product for my post.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*   

The name ‘Nintendo’ is immediately recognizable within popular culture, transcending simply video games. Say the name to anyone and they’ll think of memorable video game characters like Mario and Luigi, Donkey Kong and Zelda. Since their first stand alone home console in 1983, families have enjoyed hours in front of the TV having a blast and also bonding. With families spending more time at home currently, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, they can now pass the time away more and more with Nintendo gaming devices, like the Switch.

A great option for families who enjoy gaming is Nintendo’s Family Online Membership. Subscription and on-demand media services have grown exponentially, even more so during the pandemic, but little has emerged for family gaming.

Below are 4 great reasons why signing up with Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership might be a great option for yours.

All in the Family

With a Nintendo Switch Online Membership, families can access online play and join in with certain compatible games, as well as indulge in Nintendo’s huge library of over 70 classics like Super Mario, Luigi’s Mansion and other NES and Super NES titles, also with newly added online features. Gamers can also keep track of their wins and other saved data content as the package includes Cloud backup for compatible games.

Extra features included in the free Nintendo Switch Online Smartphone app include access to Members Only special offers! There are options for both Individual and Family memberships (up to 8 users). The Cloud option also makes it easy to retrieve your data if you lose your Switch or start using a new one. So no more worrying about starting from scratch after all your hard earned wins!

Smartphone app – Enhance your online gaming experience with the Nintendo Switch Online app. You can voice chat with players in compatible games and access special game-enhancing features in select titles.

Signing up gives families access to a variety of special offers and other Members Only deals. Exclusive offers include products that only those with a paid Nintendo Switch Online Membership can purchase.

Feeling Competitive

We all know that games usually have an enthralling Single-Player mode, but the mood shifted in the gaming community a few years back that made the multiplayer the focal point of games. Face it, we want to win and rub it in other people’s faces too, it’s just human nature! The Nintendo Switch offers tons of opportunities for multiplayer fun, both in person and online.

The Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) is a paid service that lets you connect with friends and family around the world to play compatible games online including: Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, Tetris 99 and more. Over 100 classic Super NES and NES games are also included.

The kids won’t complain about being bored anymore!

Portable Companion

Many families have already started road trips in 2021 as the country starts to open and the vaccine rollout takes shape. The Nintendo Switch is the perfect road trip companion for your kids. Many parents might argue that the Nintendo Switch is the most important factor in ensuring a family trip doesn’t take on a nasty National Lampoon’s vibe.

Popular titles in any Nintendo Switch gaming library include legends like Zelda, Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. These are perfect for times when wireless service isn’t reliable or while on the road. Your digital library will grow with familiar old school classics like Tetris 99, Super Mario Bros. Using a hotspot can be alternative if your Switch doesn’t have games that can be played offline.

The Nintendo Switch is lightweight and easy to carry too. Carrying extra games and other accessories are a breeze. The LCD screen is just the right size at over 6 inches with great resolution, 32GB of memory and around 3 hour of battery time after a full charge.

Earn Rewards

Finally, did you know you gamers can earn rewards simply for playing  games on the Switch?

My Nintendo makes playing games and interacting with the Nintendo community even more fun. Gamers can earn points and redeem them to get rewards like in-game content and discounts on digital games. My.Nintendo.com has more info.

Families are loving their experiences with the Nintendo Switch and the readily available games through the Nintendo Family Online Membership.

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