HI, I'm Selena

Below you will find a couple of words about me.

Sitting Pretty With Selena is simply looking at life from an advantage and through my mind of imaginative possibilities and experiences, that I believe in.

Selena Hughes is a content creator, writer, and artist who is passionate about sharing a unique perspective with her readers. She covers topics including but not limited to wellness, beauty, fashion, music & entertainment, local news... truly anything that sparks her curiosity or inspires her as a woman.

Selena Hughes is a lifestyle blogger covering topics ranging from wellness to entertainment, family to skincare, all through the lens of her own unique, optimistic, authentic, enthusiastic voice. After many years of fitting the “Mommy Blogger” mold, Selena has been focused on transitioning her content toward none other than herself, where she’s at in her life, what matters to her, and creating the type of content that fulfills her most.

Selena is unique in that her blogging is frequently multi-media: a product review will be more than a few paragraphs about a skin or hair treatment, manifesting itself as poetry, a moving collage, and a relatable and beautiful narrative all in one.


I’ve held many roles and in each of them I’ve learned to: