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HI, I’m Selena

I’m that friend that you can take most anywhere!  Seriously, just ask your friends.  I learned early on that life is what you make it.  I give credit to me becoming a master daydreamer by 6th grade and being surrounded by these type of friends.  It’s a great way of life, leaving you open to beyond-your imagination type possibilities and experiences.

Sitting Pretty With Selena is looking at life from an advantage and through my mind of  imaginative possibilities and experiences, that I believe in.

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Ultimately, Sitting Pretty With Selena highlights people, places, experiences and things that I enjoy.

You’ll see entertainment coverage as I will forever have a love for Hollywood and movies.  I spent much of the 90s going to movie theaters on Sunday afternoons (ask my friends;), it brought me so much joy as I always saw it as larger than life.  Movies make me dream.  Moving to Los Angeles was a classic stroke of serendipity for me and one that I’ll always be thankful for. It started a string of events.  I’m part of a group of pioneering moms in Los Angeles that were some of the first to work with many of the major studios covering family entertainment from film to television shows and beyond.  This has provided me a lane of creativity to project my vision of my Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism (UNT Eagles-Go GREEN!) that I promised myself to make good use of one way or another.  I’ve grown from being the editor and publisher of a nationally known site, Macaroni Kid Beverly Hills/Hollywood, to being the editor of Sitting Pretty With Selena (formerly  I’ve since worked with TIkTok as a Community Content Moderator-and-that is a story in the making:)

I’m also no stranger to the world of fashion and beauty as I’ve held many roles over a span of  two (2) decades as a retail sales manager, wardrobe stylist assistant for the uber-talented sister-duo Mary Mary and B2K, showroom manager at the California Apparel Mart, jewelry & handbag designer, and fashion copywriter.  In the midst of this ,my mind of imaginative possibilities landed me at the beloved Spa at The Beverly Hills Hotel as a nail technician and it was two years of bliss!

Although a proud native Texan, from Dallas, home for me is in Los Angeles with my husband and two sons and Grey and Midori (family cockatiels.)

I’ve held many roles and in each of them I’ve learned to: