According to Kayo, Necks Need Love Too

Your hair

Your face

All In place

Your brows 

Give wows

But I the neck 

Need love too

Body scrubs

Polished nails 

Attention to detail 

But I the neck

Need love too

I hold together all

The beauty that is you

I am the center 

Never to be missed 

I am the best part

On your body

To ever be kissed.

Details to Delicate Skin

We care so much for our hair, face and body but what about the skin on our neck. It’s the small details that often matter the most. That extra attention that we gave to an are that would one day carry us with grace.

Once upon a time, I worked at The Spa at the Beverly Hills Hotel (as a nail technician-tell you that story later) and remember women having neck treatments along with their facials . The day came when I was able to swap services with an esthetician colleague and friend of mine. She included a neck treatment with my facial and talked to me about how delicate the skin is on our neck and that it should be maintained as much as the skin around our eyes. I had no knowledge of this.

I made the decision to get into full body care this year. Just for me. I remember once having the time to really pamper myself, at home. Rewind us to 2019 and life was moving so fast that I couldn’t tell you the last time that I actually sat down for my own, personal pampering session at home.

Repay you with Grace

One of the main reasons you want to include your neck in your skincare regime, is so that your neck will match the skin on your face and not be so foretelling of the signs of aging. Hence the saying, to age with grace. The skin on our neck is very thin and not having much collagen support makes it more prone to sun damage and sagging. Daily usage of our necks are put into motion a lot more that we may realize. Think about how many times a day you turn your head to yell at the kids, nod, sneeze, hold your phone or to look down at your computer screen, just to name a few. I couldn’t count either.


Skincare Benefits of the Gua Sha Tool

Helps erase fine lines and wrinkles

Reduces water retention

Boost lymphatic drainage

Plumps skin

Lifts and sculpts

Creates a healthy glow

Time Well Spent on Me

I apply Kayo’s Age Defense Neck Cream nightly using their Neck Sculpting Gua Sha tool. It’s so relaxing and soothing. The extra time that I give myself if priceless and lifts my spirits. Physically my neck feels and looks better and my mental state is calm and peaceful after the gentle, consecutive upward strokes. Enough of me telling you how good it is, try Kayo Bodycare for yourself and surprise a friend for any occasion. Sharing is caring.

Kayo Age Defense Neck Cream is the first-of-its-kind! A suite of premium products tackles full-body healthy aging with facegrade™ topical body care and specialized all-in-one youth-restoring supplements and formulas. Kayo’s integrated holistic approach is to preserve natural beauty and revive vitality from within by creating formulas that elevate skincare, rejuvenate wellness, and
deliver noticeable results.

This post on kayo body care review is sponsored by Kayo Body Care. All opinions expressed here regarding kayo body care review are honest and my own.

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