Once upon a time werewolves plagued Ireland but are known to be extinct today. Irish folklore describes wolves as being closely linked with the practices of the fianna, warrior bands of young men who lived in the wild and believed to possess supernatural forces. Co-Director Tom Moore shared that this was the inspiration behind Apple TV WolfWalkers’ history and magical transformation from girl to wolf.

Fierce is Robyn Goodfellowe, an Irish girl who lives in the village with her father and is somewhat of an outcast amongst the other children in the community. Her father is a wolf hunter, whom Robyn’s wants to help against his wishes. One day she packs up that fiereness and ventures into the wild to help hunt the last of these wolves only to get caught. She’s saved by Mebh who changes her life forever.

Wild is the hair and spirit of Mebh Óg Mactíre, the child Wolf Walkers who’s untamable spirit teaches Robyn and us to not be afraid to be different. Throughout WolfWalker Mebh’s free spirit and curiosity eventually leads to the rescuing of her mother. Along the way she introduces Robyn and her father into an enchanted world that they thought otherwise was their enemy to only become home.

Free is the effect of becoming a WolfWalker! Being your true self.

The wolf will run

Till risin’ sun.

The wolf will leap

from child asleep.

Wolf, wolf,

Howls the wolf!

Run free over

and under!

Wolf, wolf

Howls the wolf

For ever and ever

and after!

~WolfWalkers, insert from graphic novel

You’re a wolf when you’re asleep. A girl when you’re awake.

Mebh Óg Mactíre


In a time of superstition and magic, a young apprentice hunter, Robyn Goodfellowe, journeys to Ireland with her father to wipe out the last wolf pack.  While exploring the forbidden lands outside the city walls, Robyn befriends a free-spirited girl, Mebh, a member of a mysterious tribe rumored to have the ability to transform into wolves by night. As they search for Mebh’s missing mother, Robyn uncovers a secret that draws her further into the enchanted world of the “WolfWalkers” and risks turning into the very thing her father is tasked to destroy. 


Directed by:                           Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart 

Screenplay by:                      Will Collins

Cast:                                       Honor Kneafsey, Eva Whitaker, Sean Bean, Simon McBurney, Tommy Tiernan, Jon Kenny, John Morton, and Maria Doyle Kennedy

Produced by:                         John Paul Young, Nora Twomey, Tomm Moore and Stéphan Roelants 

*This post is in collaboration with Apple TV+. Thank you for hosting my family. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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