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Tom and Jerry were a household name before most of us, as kids, really knew what a household name meant. I honestly can’t think of anyone from my generation that didn’t have Tom and Jerry as a part of their after school routine or Saturday morning cereal ritual. We didn’t need merchandise or social media to tell us that Tom and Jerry packed on the laughs weekly. Friends and classmates all agreed that Tom and Jerry were hands down, hilarious! Little did we know that the hyper duo were legendary and would one day be a staple of our 1980s+ childhood.

You should know by now that my sons and I love movies and I’m always telling them about my childhood and why I thought it was so super cool- pre internet days. Of course it involves simple things like cereal and cartoons but I could literally recall Tom and Jerry and laugh as hard as an adult as I did as a kid. It’s almost as if the sense of humor didn’t age, the endless chase stayed relevant and the memories still good.

With my sons in virtual school I’m always on the lookout for moments to keep the energy up, mostly through some sort of funny story. When we got word that Tom and Jerry The Movie was FINALLY getting their own movie I had to share the excitement that it brought to me as a kid….not so long ago – in my mind:)

Team Tom or Team Jerry

After we screened Tom and Jerry The Movie, in preparation for interviewing director Tim Story, we had the talk. The talk to determine who’s team we were. Not that we have anything against either character but there is a difference between the two. Jerry is very clever and appears to be innocent, but we unanimously had a love for Tom. To us Tom showed determination. He may have seldom or ever caught Jerry but regardless he never gave up!

They both balance each other out. In the all new Tom and Jerry The Movie, they don’t fall short of these important lessons for their new youthful fans. Tom keeps trying regardless of failed attempts and Jerry always figures out a way to stay safe and win the game of cat and mouse, pun intended.

You can expect big laughs, the thrill of the chase, a big slice of wedding cake and a really cool soundtrack. Yes, there is some “Hollywood” type violence, but it never made me hurt anyone and seriously doubt that anyone else’s kids will too. But please, see for yourself and make time to watch the all new Tom and Jerry The Movie with your family. Out Friday February 26, 2021!

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Interview with Tom and Jerry Director Tim Story

Balancing Nostalgia

Q: How did you find the balance between making the movie that hit the nostalgia factor for the parents watching but also making it appealing to the younger generation”s who are potentially new to the characters.

A: I kind of knew that when we started working on the movie that we had to get everyone. I have a nine year old boy and he was seven when I first started making this movie and I just remembered that I hadn’t watched Tom and Jerry in a really long time and I remembered that he hadn’t either. I sat him in front of it and he watched seven episodes straight. I saw my son on his iPad watching Tom and Jerry when he would travel with me. I just always wanted to make sure that we included every generation. Adults are a little bit easier because he knew we would love going back to our childhood, so I just did what I liked or whatever I thought most around my age would like as well. When it came to teenagers and kids, I tried to bring in music and technology , I tried to have Tom and Jerry do what the younger generations do today. Of course it helped having Chloe Moretz play Kayla becasuse she is 24 and when we were shooting it I could ask her what she thought about that and they do discuss TikTok or anything like that. It was just a lot of fun to just make sure we never excluded any generations and hopefully we did something that all generations would love.

Tom and Jerry The Movie Theaters February 26, 2021

About Tom and Jerry The Movie

One of the most beloved rivalries in history is reignited when Jerry moves into New York City’s finest hotel on the eve of “the wedding of the century,” forcing the event’s desperate planner, Kayla, to hire Tom to get rid of him, in director Tim Story’s “Tom and Jerry.” The ensuing cat and mouse battle threatens to destroy her career, the wedding and possibly the hotel itself. But soon, an even bigger problem arises: a diabolically ambitious staffer conspiring against all three of them.

An eye-popping blend of classic animation and live action, Tom and Jerry’s new adventure stakes new ground for the iconic characters and forces them to eventually do the unthinkable… work together to save the day.

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Director: Tim Story

Written by: Kevin Costello, William Hanna, Joseph Barbera

Based on the original Tom and Jerry cartoon

Executive Producers: Tim Story, Allison Abbate, Christopher DeFaria, Jesse Ehrman, Adam Goodman, Steve Harding, Sam Register

Cast: Chloe Grace Moretz, Michael Pena, Tom, Jerry, Colin Jost, Jordan Bolger, Robert Delaney, Pallavi Sharda, Patsy Gerran, Nicky Jam, Bobby Cannavale, Lil Rel Howery and Ken Jeong

Music: Christopher Lennertz

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