How Nice I Am.

  • I am for the first time, without
  • As of late it’s been minus a lot of doubt
  • I’d always feared not being available
  • Didn’t want you to think I wasn’t capable
  • So I poured until I almost emptied the cup
  • Had to make good & keep your spirits up
  • After all, I was raised to be nice
  • Always sweet, with very little spice
  • At some point, the sugar started to melt
  • That’s when the time came to dealt
  • With all that I hadn’t felt
  • If I gained weight, just loosen the belt
  • All while being nice of course
  • Plugged into an otherworldly source
  • Nice is not weak
  • Success is louder than speak
  • All while being nice of course
  • Allowing ease, lack of force
  • All while being nice of course.

Always, Selena


Sit with me

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