Jurassic Park, Kung Fu Panda and Butterbeer on Our Summer Stop at Universal Studios Hollywood

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DisclosureThis is a sponsored post in collaboration with Universal Studios Hollywood.  All opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting our family.

Journey Through Jurassic

We first began our journey at Universal Studios Hollywood when my oldest was turning five.   As you’d expect they were all giggly and excited.  This summer’s trip felt really nostalgic to me because it’s been a while since we explored  LA’s Entertainment Capital so freely, without a firm agenda.

Have You Heard??  Jurassic Park Ride is…

LEAVING!!  After a successful 22-year-run Jurassic Park is “leveling up” to Jurassic World in 2019 and bringing in a whole new dio-experience including Jurassic World the Ride.  The official Jurassic Park ride leaves on September 3 after over 2 decades!  I remember coming to LA with my family as a teen and visiting Jurassic Park!  This news made me a little sad.  I had to detach with a childhood memory.  The best remedy for me was to go back to say a farewell and have a final ride with the dinosaurs and my boys.  Thankfully they’ll have a similar story to share with their families one day.

I would say that we visit Universal Studios Hollywood at least twice annually and Jurassic Park ranks amongst our top three must ride, rides.  Next are Transformers and the Studio Tours.  Honorable mention goes to the all-new DreamWorks Theater.  That story is below and one that you have to put your own eyes on.  We boarded the ride with the same anticipation and anxiety that we have for the last six years since I’ve been visiting with my boys and occasionally my husband.  It was excellent as always and we got extra soaked!  We were like soaking wet when we got off this time.  I considered it a grand finale, a final goodbye from Universal Studios and big ole roar from Jurassic Park The Ride.  We will forever remember you!!

Visit the All-New Dreamworks Theater!

Dreamworks animation has affected our lives in so many ways.  So many good family movies to name.  One of the biggest and most memorable is Kung Fu Panda.  Luckily, Universal Studios Hollywood has dedicated their premiere theme or movie highlight to Kung Fu Panda.  Click here to see the post from my roundtable with Jack Black…he is AWESOME by the way..he was a quirky and funny and sarcastic as I wished he would be.

Back to DreamWorks at Universal Studios.  It’s an all-new experience, replacing the mega-hit Shrek!.  They were clever and did a great job.  This is a theater from the future.  The design is innovative and so progressive.  We wanted more after the experience concluded but that’s because we were completely submerged in the moment.

Dreamworks Got It All Right with The Kung Fu Panda Feature

The seats were beyond comfortable but that’s easy to achieve.  The true talent showed when the film started and our seats were moving in correlation to what was happening on screen.  The imagery expanded beyond the screens in front of us.  Images of Kung Fu Panda and his adventure projected onto the walls that surrounded us.  This is the absolute best experience.  It took my movie viewing experience to another level.  Please, just take my word and see for yourself.

Harry’s Wizard World

Three Broomsticks really captures the castle and wizard vibe.  Upon entering I felt a shift in the hyper energy outside.  We really felt the experience of being in the UK, dinning at a castle.  Stop me if needed, I have a very active imagination.  Below I snapped a few shots of the food available to dine on.  Exiting we saw many groups of family and friends feasting the delicious dishes offered.  Available were single servings as well as family style dining.

Spellbound by Butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This is my actor.  He naturally transforms into characters.  If you haven’t visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter you should, I think you’ll snap into character too!

Universal Studios Hollywood completely immerses you into the English World of Wizards.

Above, I dared my youngest to transform into a wizard and he happily obliged!  He’s so much FUN!

It was a hot day in L.A. and the all-new ButterBeer ice cream was perfect.  It’s sweet and cold temp was all that we needed to complete our visit.  Be sure to browse in and out of the shops in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  It’s  a unique experience that I think you’ll enjoy.

Thank you Universal Studios for having us!

Universal Studios Hollywood

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