Kiss In A Storm

A whirlwind I must say

Started out as a “New” normal day 

Meditation cleared my thought

Set my intentions both needs and sought 

Small bumps here and there

Results of shock and despair 


Was all up on ya

Need to feel

Time travel a mastering skill

I entered an unfamiliar space

There was a breeze of shade in this place

Peaceful gold dust laced my entire space

I may as well relax survival is upon grace

Light a candle, glow and embrace 

This too shall pass

Illuminated kiss light up my path

Living on the outside my view

Special, exclusive inside the new

Ascending beyond what I am 

Uprisings new inside the clam

I am delicate, I am new

I am rare, amongst few

On this day I am reborn

A bronze kiss delivered in my storm

Promise given like to newborns

Answering my call crown of thorns

You gave me the kiss of life 

Triumphs were the spice

Life was so heavy

Faith stronger than a broken levy

Don’t take me for granted

Views become slanted

Truth enters with me

Love spoken upon thee

Step into , my light

Critical is this flight

I am a mere vessel

No longer am I to settle

Kiss me

Miss me

Diss me 

Hiss me


Truth begets truth, my

No more will I shy

Away natural high

Vibrations. Kiss in a storm

Trusting the process revealed, my poem.

*Listening to Sade’s Kiss of Life

*Kiss from life, amidst a storm.

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