Mattel brings high impact racing to a small scale with Cars Micro Drifters, the latest innovation in miniature vehicles.  Utilizing a unique ball-bearing design, these collectible characters can race, drift, swarm and even self-correct themselves to always face in a forward direction when coming to a stop.

See just what these dynamic Cars Micro Drifters can do on the new Micro Drifters Super Speedway.  This motorized set provides a variety of driving surfaces that replicate the films’ famous race scenes so kids can keep the on-screen fun at home.  In the end there can only be one winner and with the flip of a small lever, kids can see who places first, second and third.

Mattel & Disney*Pixar teamed up for a Toy Test Drive at The Petersen Museum.  This was a dream come true for any Cars fan.  Upon entering the museum you we’re greeted by a life size McQueen and his best side kick Matter!

A large area of the 2nd floor was solely dedicated to the new Micro Drifters Toy Test Drive.  This allowed mostly kids and some excited parents too, to test out a ton of the new Micro Drifters and race them on Cars Micro Drifters Tracksets!

These Micro Drifters are sure to provide hours of fun for all the Cars fanatics. They have characters from Cars and Cars 2, so no one was left out. Micro Drifters are in stores now!


Full Disclaimer: We we’re invited to the Mattel & Disney*Pixar Micro Drifters Toy Test Drive.  All opinions are true expressions of myself and my boys who are self-proclaimed Cars experts.

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