Q&A: Terrence “TC” Carson of BRICKED

TC’s Mantra for Friendships

We started our conversation off about friendships. If you didn’t know, Terrence “TC” Carson is still friends with cast members from Living Single. That’s over 25 years of maintenance and I had to know how he does it. To my surprise his answer was simple, love.

He shared that they support one another’s projects and he believes that the key to any successful friendship, especially but not only in Hollywood, is knowing who you are and knowing your worth eliminates competition. Remove competition and there is only love for one another.

Public Service Announcement To Our Youth

I said to T.C. that I felt like, The Hate U Give was almost a PSA and that Bricked mirrors that by tackling an equally important topic for blacks, mental health. Carson has been an advocate of mental health for many years. He even sees a therapist regularly himself, setting an example that he “practices what he preaches.” His hopes are that Bricked, which is set to be screened in select locations throughout the US, will shine a light on the mental well being in our (Black) community.

TC feels that younger kids have a lot of pressure on them and older people do not understand that. Through this film the message constantly being emphasized is to talk to our younger generation and let them know that if something is going on that talking to a therapist is completely ok.

Put It Into Action

Go to church and talk to God, talk to your pastor and then go see your therapist and tell your therapist what you told God. Your therapist can give practical steps on how to get through it while you are waiting on God to show you what he wants to show you. – TC Carson

It really is about taking stock about who we are and understanding that there are things in place to help you move forward and let go of the blockage that has affected the person that you’ve become.

Black Male Presence in the Community

I feel that this movie is so important because it starts with black men, the leaders of our black community and if they are struggling and weak, it’s only going to trickle downward to our children, our black boys who will one day be black men, our community leaders.

Carson responded with the need for black men to step up and take control of our responsibilities and that systematically we’ve (black men) have been moved to the side and replaced with the black woman. I understood his comment and didn’t feel offended by it. I appreciated his openness and honesty. He expressed concern about black women raising black boys who may not have the strongest opinion about black men. How are they going to grow up to be strong men in our community? There is a need for black men to go back to our communities and teach our youth, says Carson.

Our Story, Our Voice

The young man, Tracy J Campbell, in Bricked being of color is good because we can see that it’s not somebody else telling our story, trying to help us, it’s us helping us. We need to see that.

Mr. Carson’s ultimate wish is that viewers will see Bricked and walk away knowing that it’s ok to talk about mental health issues and remove the shame. He wants you to walk away saying I can talk to my uncle, I can talk to my cousin about their mental health. If you see something, say something and maybe give them some direction to get help. It’s really about how we help each other move forward.

You Can Afford It, Low Cost, Help is Available

Bricked movie has partnered with some amazing individuals willing to offer their services at a discounted or sliding scale rate to those who simply cannot afford to. Please connect with them for your FREE initial consultation. Click HERE for more information.

About Bricked

Bricked is a coming to age film that focuses on a high school grad finding himself in turmoil within his family as he battles with coping with mental illness. Trevor is an intelligent young man with a bright future. However, he also suffers from bipolar disorder, and is very much in denial about the nature of his illness. After a particularly violent episode of mania, his mother sends him to an old family friend, Dr. Robert Weldon (TC Carson) for treatment. Dr. Weldon agrees to take Trevor in as his own, however, Trevor’s struggle is more severe than just denial. As Trevor contends with his own brain, he’ll discover a nearly twenty-year-old secret that may determine whether he conquers his illness, or if his illness conquers him.

Aleshia S. Cowser, a multi­-talented Atlanta native and founder of Eyeam Cinema Studios has succeeded in capitalizing the evolving platforms of the entertainment industry. Pioneer and artist, Cowser’s advanced knowledge and ambitious approach launched her into a successful career directing, producing and writing alongside some of the most acclaimed industry professionals.


Release: January 24, 2019, select theaters
Written by: Aleshia Cowser

Directed by: Aleshia Cowser and Tracy Campbell

Cast: Terrance “TC” Carson, Tracy J. Campbell, Shavonia Jones, Tasia Grant, Nicholas L. Ashe and Lauren Megan

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