SH-RD Protein Cream Is A Dream

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My hair is my crown.

Standing tall

Even if my smile is down.

My tresses are not all of me

But a huge part of me


Displaying all of the electricity

Racing through my body.

Good days

Not the best days

I’m never in a daze

Cause a hairstyle will appear

Sprouting out of a maze

A map to my beloved slaves

Into beauty and love and affection

Appearing with direction

A bad ass do

Created for you

By you

SH-RD Protein Cream

What Hair Dreams

Are made of.

It’s no secret that hair is important to most of us women! There’s always a lot of attention surrounding it. It is important and it is part of our identity. If we think about what our hair represents, like the biological fact that our hair is our own personal cooling system protecting our head from the force of the sun thus allowing us to sweat and absorbing the sweat before it rolls all over your face. Or that our hair is a very popular choice amongst reasons why men find a woman attractive. Dare we not address the competition amongst women over hair, it’s been an unofficial sport forever! Treat your hair well with SH-RD Protein Cream is a dream.

My hair is personal.

Personally though, our hair is self esteem and self expression. Hairstyles give clues into moods and vibes as it displays an unspoken emotion about ourselves. Wild hair days may indict stress and a need to let go and chill out. Well maintained hair can dictate a good mood or healthy self esteem. I experience both. It seems like these small types of experiences can allow us to express ourselves, regardless of the curl or frizz.

After the wild hair days comes the pampering and self care time with my hair. I prepare my hair for styling with a good shampoo and conditioner that I comb through and message into my scalp. After a thorough rinse I apply products that I love. Starting with SH-RD Protein Cream.

SH-RD Protein Cream, is jam-packed with silk amino acids and hydrolyzed silk proteins! Keeping hair hydrated and healthy! These proteins also lock in the natural vitamins needed by your hair cuticles to remain strong yet soft to the touch. In the long term, SH-RD Protein Cream protects hair from damaging heat and UV rays, which are known to be enemies of collagen, a protein that helps regenerate skin and hair.

Let’s use SH-RD Protein Cream.

Well, there’s a proper way of applying the cream for the best results.

  1. First, make sure your hair is thoroughly shampooed and rinsed. 3-5 minutes for each process would be perfect to ensure that your hair is all washed and clean. Optionally, you can condition your hair afterwards, but make sure to rinse it well after lathering. Remember: no rush! You want your hair perfectly conditioned and rinsed. Do each step in 3-5 minutes as well.
  2. Upon rinsing, dry your hair with a towel.
  3. Apply a small dollop of the cream on your palm and rub with both hands. Now, distribute the cream evenly onto your hair. Note that you might need to add more if you have longer hair, since you will need to cover all strands of hair from top to bottom.
  4. I blow-dry and iron my hair, you should do step 3 before and after using your drying/ironing tool for extra protection.

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