Show Up w/Shiseido Shimmer Gel Lip Gloss

Show Up


It was a new day

No specific reason to slay

Kids virtual learning 

Industry events yearning 

If you get up

You must show up

Life awaits your 

Glow up

Oh the places you will go

Get glossy 


Staying home or not, I still wear lipgloss. Lip gloss really lift UP my spirits. It’s not a daily routine but one I am not shy about sharing. And when I want to spark a surge, I glam myself up like it’s prom. I show up for myself.

Showing up for me, is being there for myself.

Being my own best friend and my own hype woman. Managing my emotions, making good choices, keeping my word and speaking highly of myself to myself. This is a work in progress, I’m most proud that I realize all good things take time and that I am worth it. You are too my friend!

It’s the Little things.

Sometimes the small gestures that we do for ourselves in between life’s bigger moments can bring balance and ease in ways that we may be underestimating. It sort of goes along with you not missing it until it’s gone.

All About the Smile

Putting on lip gloss is a small but mighty gesture for me. It brightens up my face and most importantly, my favorite thing, makes me smile. You should naturally smile when you put on lip gloss. Pay attention next time. And if not, do it anyways. Make it a Thing! The only person that needs to know is you.

Choosey, Choose Me

I had a few lip glosses to choose from and chose Shiseido because I needed a gloss to show up with me. I needed a gloss that would shine, look better after every layer, pop with color and make my lips look lucious. Shiseido is just shy of being a 150 year old brand. That’s a lot of sun rises and sun sets. And if experience is the truest teacher, Shiseido is a master – at showing up!

I Love My Shiseido Gel Lip Gloss.

I’m showing up wearing Shiseido Shimmer Gel Lip Gloss in Sumire Magenta.

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